I was born in Santiago de Chile in 1981. I studied photography in Barcelona, first on my own and then studied digital photography and post production at IDEP, Barcelona. I always wanted to know something new, be it a language, new techniques or history of photography.

Focusing on the shapes, the contrast and the saturation of my images, I have realized that in order to get an impressive photo, this has to be balanced in its forms so to make frozen poetry.

I have traveled around more than 50 cities in the world, portraying and capturing the energy of their inhabitants.
During the last 10 years I have worked in different types of photographic projects in advertising, magazines, editorials and personal ones.
After living 5 years in Barcelona, a year in New York and a couple of trips to India, I have decided to travel for all over the world, living in different city for more than a month in every one, to impregnate myself with local creativity and diversity.

Passionate, free and pro active.